What kind of club is Kairos?

Kairos is not a traditional members’ club.
Criteria for acceptance is not the ability to pay or professional affiliation or status.

Instead, membership is open to anyone living with the understanding that we are entering a period of rapid transformation who wants to explore what that might look like in community with others similarly aware.

Kairos aspires to have:

  • The level of intelligent yet accessible debate of The Frontline Club
  • The charm of The Academy Club
  • The subversiveness of a 17th century coffee house
  • The counter-cultural energy of Nigeria’s Mbari club
  • The global connectedness of the Rotary Club

To join you must:

  • Understand the significance of this moment we’re in
  • Want to help build a new, coherent world-view that reflects our current reality
  • Be open: to new possibilities, alternative perspectives and cross-tribal alliances
  • Commit to supporting fellow members and transforming radical ideas into action

Fees and benefits

Membership costs:

£150 per annum (£12.50 per month)

If you are in financial difficultly and unable to afford the full fee, please let us know when you apply as we do offer some discounted rates.

Free for the under 30s and those from the Global South.

£150 per annum plus discretionary donation for anyone who would be willing to help subsidise our free and discounted membership.

Members’ benefits include:

Reduced price tickets to public events, invites to members’ socials and the potential to hire our space for events that fit with Kairos’s principles and values.

We will be introducing more members’ events and socials as we develop the project.

Please first attend at least one event before applying so that you can get a feel for Kairos and we can get to know you.

Upcoming events are listed on the events page. You can also sign up to our events newsletter and follow us on social media.

There’s no need to worry about coming alone. Kairos is an intimate, welcoming space and all our evening events include drinks beforehand and a break for supper that we all eat together. 

To find out more about membership, please email us. 

Club Rules

Kairos is a space for radical ideas about social and cultural change. All discussion begins with the understanding that humanity is facing an existential crisis. There is no debate about the reality of this situation.

Please no grandstanding, rank-pulling, up-staging, down-putting or mansplaining.

Mobile phones, laptops and other devices may not be used inside the club. There will be no photos and/or recordings without prior agreement.

Kairos is a place for imaginative thinking. Anyone displaying a consistent lack of imagination will be asked to leave.

Please be sociable, particularly towards anyone on their own or new to Kairos.

Members must commit to developing nurturing, disseminating and enacting ideas seeded at Kairos and to supporting fellow members outside the club’s activities.

Kairos is a vegan space.

Members may bring three guests to social events, provided they are aware of the club’s ethos and abide by the club rules.

Please note that all attendees at public events are expected to follow the club rules.

“The incubation of radical new ideas is a very distinct process with certain conditions: a tight space, lots of heat, passionate whispering and a degree of freedom to argue and work toward a common, focused aim.”

Gal Beckerman, “The Quiet Before”

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