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Workshop: Imagination Activism for Systemic Shifts with Phoebe Tickell

Tuesday November 7th
Doors & drinks 6.30pm; Workshop starts 7pm

This current moment demands an overhaul in how we see the world, decide what is important and design everything, from our organisations to our supply chains, our cities and our infrastructure. We need to grow greater courage and "Moral Imagination" to do the unthinkable and seemingly impossible, and to chart paths into unfamiliar (but not 'new') territories.

"Imagination Activism" is a radical and rigorous approach to practice and strengthen shifts in perception, to move from dreams to action, to create positive change and to chart bold, ambitious futures. It's a new kind of activism powered by imagination to see the world differently and the skills to turn bold vision into action.

Rather than fighting the old, it orientates to the new. At the heart of Imagination Activism is Moral Imagination - the ability to look at things as if they could - and should - be otherwise. By changing the way we see the world, we can create new possibilities and new actions that serve all people, the planet, and the coming future generations.

In this workshop, Phoebe Tickell, former scientist, social entrepreneur and founding CEO of Moral Imaginations, will explain the concept of Imagination Activism, and teach us the tools, skills and practices to equip ourselves and the people around us to become Imagination Activists.

The evening will begin with a talk by Phoebe, followed by hands on exercises to put ideas into practice.

Kairos, 84 Tottenham Court Road, London W1T 4TG

Doors open at 6.30pm for drinks. Workshop will start at 7pm with a break for a one-pot vegan supper

£10 members, £15 non-members. Includes food.