Box of Darkness: The Transformative Power of Grief with Liz Jensen

Wednesday March 22nd

“Someone I know once gave me a box of darkness. It took me years to understand that this, too, was a gift.” From The Uses of Sorrow, Mary Oliver

It’s human instinct to turn away from the things we fear most. But to shut out the pain of grief – past, present or anticipatory – is to miss an opportunity for radical and growth and healing.

Drawing parallels between personal grief and ecological grief, Liz Jensen – novelist, founder-member of XR Writers Rebel, and mother of the young activist Iggy Fox, who died suddenly in February 2020 – reflects on the importance of honouring our rawest and most disturbing feelings in order to find resilience, empowerment, and imaginative new ways to inhabit this unprecedented era.

Kairos, The Bookroom, Essex Hall, 1-6 Essex Street, WC2R 3HY

6.30pm for drinks, talk starts at 7pm

Tickets: £5 members, £15 non-members

Includes vegetarian food