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Screening of “The Village of Lovers”

Tuesday December 5th
Doors & Drinks at 6pm; Film starts at 6.30pm

“Community is not just a sentimental dream of young people, but the next stage of human evolution. The people of the future will live in community.” - Dieter Duhm

"The Village of Lovers" (Re/Culture Films, 1hr 14m, 2023) is a new documentary about Tamera, a radical social experiment in Southern Portugal.

The community of Tamera originated in Germany and grew out of the “free love” movements of the 1960s and 1970s. But unlike others experimenting at the time, the Tamerans realised that to create a truly alternative social model they had to do more than simply react against the dominant system.

Based on the ideas of co-founder psychoanalyst Dieter Duhm, and other influences including physicist David Bohm, Tamera emphasised trust - especially in the most intimate areas of human life - as core to long-standing cultural and political change.

Forty years on, with 150 permanent members, Tamera is also a research and education centre. With its vision of a new planetary culture of “healing biotopes” it may provide a regenerative model for a post-capitalist society, rooted in reconnection to life.

The screening will be followed by discussion guided by Zoë Blackler and Anouchka Grose, both recent visitors to the project.

"The Village of Lovers" is directed by Ian MacKenzie, John Wolfstone & Julia Maryanska. 

Kairos, 84 Tottenham Court Road, London W1T 4TG

Doors open at 6pm for drinks. The film starts promptly at 6.30 pm followed by a one-pot vegan supper and discussion.

£8 members, £15 non-members. Food and drinks complimentary.