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Anarchism and its Lessons for Now with Ruth Kinna

Tuesday January 30th
Doors & drinks 6.30pm; Talk starts 7pm

If our current form of government is incapable of acting on the many challenges we face, what can anarchism teach us about how to self-organise and take the reins?

Ruth Kinna, professor of political theory at Loughborough University and author of The Government of No One: The Theory and Practice of Anarchism, will set out the basic principles of anarchism. She’ll discuss anarchy as “order” and why, according to anarchists, our existing political arrangements are fatally ‘disordered’ and perpetuate exploitation – of humans, non-humans and the planet.

She will explain how anarchism offers a different way to organise, how ideas about anarchy could translate into practice, and what organisations designed to support non-dominating relationships without permanent fixed authority (a key principle of anarchism), need to do to survive and thrive.

This talk was originally listed in October but was rescheduled due to illness. 

Kairos, 84 Tottenham Court Road, London W1T 4TG

Doors open at 6.30pm for drinks. The talk will start at 7pm followed by a one-pot vegan supper and discussion.

£8 members, £15 non-members. Food and drink complimentary.