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A New Media System To Heal Our Collective Trauma with Matthew Green

Thursday April 11th
Doors & drinks 6.30pm; Event starts 7pm

The limits of legacy media are well-known: News agendas framed by those with the most money and power; a failure to reckon with the depths of the climate and ecological emergency; and a focus on business as usual at the expense of solutions emerging at the margins, to name a few. Rather than helping heal our collective trauma, much of the media makes it worse.

What if there’s another way? How might we build a media system to heal our collective trauma?

Join journalist Matthew Green for a collaborative session informed by his study of the principles of healing individual, collective and inter-generational trauma to imagine what a new media system might look like – one capable of rising to the demands of the moment.

How can we harness emerging insights from the marriage of psychology, neurobiology, and ancient wisdom traditions to design the newsrooms of the future – capable of both documenting the role of collective trauma in fuelling global crises, and supporting collective healing? Is there an emerging new archetype of the “journalist as healer”? And what new practices can help us come together in community to relate to the news in a way that supports connection and collective intelligence -- rather than burnout and overwhelm?

A former international correspondent with the Financial Times and Reuters, Matthew quit Reuters, where he had worked as a climate correspondent, two years ago after becoming disillusioned with the company’s response to the climate crisis. He now works as global investigations editor at DeSmog, where he published a story in collaboration with Amy Westervelt of Drilled in November showing how Big Oil buys influence at Reuters and other major publications. He is a graduate of Thomas Hübl and team’s Timeless Wisdom Training in the principles of healing collective and inter-generational trauma, a co-host of the Collective Trauma Summit, and creator of the Resonant World newsletter supporting the global trauma healing movement. His book Aftershock: Fighting war, surviving trauma and finding peace documents the struggles of British military veterans and their families to heal from post-traumatic stress. 

The evening will include a break for a one-pot vegan supper.

Kairos, 84 Tottenham Court Road, London W1T 4TG

Doors open at 6.30pm for drinks. Event starts at 7pm with a break for a one-pot vegan supper.

£8 Kairos Club Member, £15 Non-member, £10 Student or Unwaged, £20 Supporter. Food and drinks complimentary.